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Making Recruitment More Accessible - What we offer​

LD Recruit offers flexible recruitment, selection and testing services to clients in a number of difference packages.  Having a solution that will fit your companies strategy, time commitment, budget and goals.

We offer:

  • Temporary Employees and Contractors - (LD Recruit's Payroll)
  • Permanent Recruitment Services
  • Unbundled Recruitment Support Services (Recruitment Outsourcing)
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Ability Testing

Recruitment with a Difference

Part of our business model is to create a friendly, relaxed environment to really take the time to get to know people.  By doing this in selected cafes research suggests that people are more at ease and you are able to access their genuine traits.  

With a lot of candidate material available with the Do’s and Don’ts of interviews it is essential to get past this and go deeper to know who you are meeting.  Assessing behaviour, body language but also how a candidate copes with background noise, confidence in introductions, and general conversation.  

The value of the interview in a relaxed café setting is more powerful than you think.

Unbundled Recruitment Support Services - What is it?

With pressure mounting on business profitability a number of businesses have brought recruitment in-house.  However without the contract providers on board to support and ensure the process still remains robust.  At LD Recruit we unbundled all parts of the recruitment process to offer it to employers as and when required.  This forms as our Unbundled Recruitment Support Services option.

Outsource as little or as much of the recruitment and selection process as you require.  We are here to connect your piece of the puzzle.

Areas available for recruitment outsourcing:

  • Ministry of Justice Checks – Gold Service
  • Credit Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Advertising
  • Ability Testing - Word, Excel, Data Entry
  • Psychometric Testing - Personality
  • Psychometric Testing - Cognitive (Verbal, Numeric, and Abstract Reasoning)
  • Wellness Survey with consultation
  • Global Sanctions Checks
  • Qualifications Check
  • Long Listing, Screening, Short Listing or Time Engaged Partnering

So Why LD Recruit?

Working with the LD Recruit difference we strive to understand our clients and candidates needs, expectations and overall goals for the future.  Being a true business partner on both sides enables us to find better matches and the right fit.  Connecting your piece of the puzzle. 

At LD Recruit we pride ourselves on finding top talent when and where you need them most, taking the time and stress out of recruitment for you.  

We are specialists in the Auckland Recruitment market.  Want to know more about how we could partner you?  

Keeping our clients happy is top of our list!​

Here's what some of them have to say... 


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