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The Value Of A Good Recruitment Partner

Do you sigh every time you have to recruit for a role within your organisation?

Let’s be perfectly honest, recruitment is no easy task - especially now in this market. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to do it well and create a successful hiring outcome. 

Balance this with your usual workload, which is likely to have increased, and you can be forgiven for dreading the sheer thought of it.

The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. A good recruitment partner can make the job of finding someone to fill your vacant role easier.

How do they do it? Read on to find out exactly how you and your business can benefit from partnering with the right recruiter.

The Value Of A Good Recruitment Partner

What Is A Good Recruitment Partner?

A recruiter can help you recruit for roles within your company. But, a good recruitment partner is so much more than that. They will literally partner with your business to ensure that there is a successful hiring outcome, rather than simply filling a role.

A recruitment partner, like LD Recruit, provides an end to end recruitment service that first focuses on establishing exactly what your organisation needs. With access to a huge pool of candidates, we can source permanent, part-time or even temporary staff depending on your requirements.

But, we don’t just find candidates for you. Our recruitment solutions are designed to fit your company’s strategy, time commitment, budget and goals by being completely flexible. We can take as little or as much of the recruitment load as you need. 

Our services include everything you need to recruit - including the basics like understanding your business strategy, compiling a recruitment action plan, advertising and shortlisting, through to the more technical aspects of reference and credit checks, psychometric and ability testing.

The Value A Recruitment Partner Brings

Working with a recruitment partner can make recruiting easier for you. Recruitment can be a gut wrenching process. Not only do you have to find the perfect candidate for your role and business culture, but you then have to sell your company to that candidate to ensure they want to work with you long term! This can be an exhausting process.

Unless you work with a recruitment partner, of course!

At LD Recruit, we have huge depth in the service we can offer to businesses. Our connections and networks are our biggest strength. We also have a wealth of knowledge and experience, we are literally talking to people all day every day about the job market. So, we have an on-the-pulse level of knowledge that your team can utilise.

We are best placed to assist a strong value propositioned brand. These days, candidates are looking for more than a job. They want to connect with a company and share the same values. We can help you position your company in the market so that you can draw perfectly aligned candidates to you. 

And, in this current labour shortage, we can also help you think outside the box for candidates that you may not have considered, but could be a great fit.

The Importance Of Finding The Right Recruiter

Like anything, recruiting via a recruitment partner is only going to work if you find the right business to partner with. There are plenty of recruiters that will be able to hand you a list of candidates, but you want more than that. 

You want a partner that will take the time to understand your business. That way, when designing a recruitment strategy for you, they will truly understand your needs, goals and expectations, resulting in the right fit for both candidate and company. 

By partnering with a recruiter that is invested in a successful outcome, you can maximise your access to talent that you may not have attracted otherwise. But not only that, an experienced recruiter can do a lot of groundwork before you even interview a prospect. They can discuss salary expectations, career goals and your company values to ensure you secure the most suitable candidate for your money.

How Do You Find The Right Recruitment Partner?

So, how do you go about sourcing this great partnership? Well, like anything you want to make sure you choose someone that you can work well with.

Look for experience and expertise, but also consider the connection you have. You need to be able to trust the recruiter you choose, so it is important that you hold the same values. Trust your gut and pick someone who not only looks good on paper, but who gives you the right vibe.

Your recruitment partner is a long term relationship – not a dairy transaction buying a bottle of milk. Connect with LD Recruit today and lets have a no obligation conversation to see if we could work well together.

Heavily invested in the successful outcome of every recruitment, we want to make recruiting easy for you. So, give us a call now.