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What To Do If There Are No Suitable Candidates For Your Role

With unemployment at low levels and a change in mindset after the pandemic, more people are reconsidering their work options.

However, this hasn’t equated to more available candidates. Companies are finding themselves vying for a small pool of eligible applicants, making it difficult to obtain the perfect fit for your advertised role.

You might find either that you only get a very small number of applicants or that you don’t quite get the right responses.

So what can you do if you can’t find the ideal candidate?

Read on to see our top tips for filling your position even if you don’t have a candidate that ticks all the boxes.

What To Do If There Are No Suitable Candidates For Your Role

Top Tips For Recruiting If You Can’t Find Your Perfect Fit

What can you do if the perfect candidate doesn’t show up in your recruitment drive? Well, there are several ways to tackle this problem. They are:

Reconsider Your Job Advertisement

If you haven’t got the right responses for your position, then the first step is to review your job advert to ensure you are attracting the right people. There may be parts of your advert, for example, a particular qualification that might be putting people off applying and may not be strictly necessary for the role.

In a tight job market, you must also focus on how your company is attractive to candidates. If people have multiple job openings to look at, they will consider what is most important to them. If your company is less attractive on the face of it, they may not even bother applying.

Review Shortlisted Candidates In A Different Light

With fewer candidates available overall, you may need to think a little outside the box to see how a potential candidate could fit. Just because a candidate doesn’t tick every single box, it doesn’t mean that they might not work out.

It’s easier to teach someone how to do the role than it is to teach attitude. So, it is better to look at a person’s vibe and behaviour to see how they might fit with your team, rather than a complete focus on skillset. If you get a good feeling from particular candidates after meeting with your shortlist, you might want to bring some of them back for a second interview or have them spend some time with your team to see if they are a good fit.

Could You Upskill An Existing Employee Into The Role?

If you can’t find the right external candidate, then it can be an idea to look internally and see if you can find an existing member or members of staff who could do the role.

They may need some upskilling, but this could still be more cost-effective than advertising or not filling the position at all. You could also consider using a current member of staff to fill the role temporarily while you establish whether you do need a new permanent team member.

Consider A Temporary Staff Member Or Contractor While You Recruit Again

If you can’t find your perfect candidate at this point, think about hiring a temporary member of staff or taking on a contractor to fill the gap. This gives you the chance to fill a need now and potentially recruit again in a few months.

And you never know, your temporary hire might just turn out to be the perfect permanent option!

Tap Into Your Networks to Look For Candidates

In the current climate, your best candidate might be someone who isn’t actively looking for a job or a move right now. Tapping into your business networks or reaching out on platforms like LinkedIn can help you find those passive candidates who might be persuaded to move for the right offer.

This could also include engaging with a recruitment specialist who will have a wide range of people that could be the perfect fit for your role. 

Working With A Recruitment Consultant Can Help You Find The Right Employees

If you are struggling to source the right candidates or you’d like some help with your recruitment process, consider working with a recruitment consultant. A recruitment consultant has an in-depth knowledge of the local market and may have connections to candidates you won’t reach through traditional channels. 

At LD Recruit, we take the time to get to know both your company and potential candidates to help you find the best match.

Contact us to see how we can help you find the right candidate for your role. We are specialists in the Auckland recruitment sector and we look forward to working with you to help you find your ideal match.