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Hiring Temps: What You Can Expect From A Great Temp Agency Partner

Need a temporary employee? Your first step is to reach out to a temp agency.

Simple, right?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s not so simple.

Unfortunately, not all temp agencies are created equally. Working with the wrong one can end up being a juggle where you invest as much energy, time and money as you might have if you’d just done the hiring yourself.

Luckily, there’s a better way. We have unbundled all parts of the temp recruitment process. You can outsource as little or as much of the recruitment and selection process as you want to.

Want to find out how you can go about hiring temps the right way? Then read on.

Hiring Temps: What You Can Expect From A Great Temp Agency Partner

Finding The Right Temp For The Job

Hiring temps used to be a relatively straightforward process. But in recent years, things have changed somewhat. As I’m sure you are aware, the entire employment market has been impacted by global goings-on, and the temp market is no different.

For a start, there are fewer temps available. Many people are seeking more permanent roles for security, and there are fewer internationals onshore due to border closures. That can mean there is a smaller pool of temp candidates to draw from.

Despite the fact that there are fewer temps in the market, you don’t have to settle for someone unsuitable. You may, however, need to broaden your search parameters and potentially be a little bit flexible. Remember, you can teach most skills, so finding the right fit for your team culture becomes one of the main recruitment drivers.

And we can help you find that ideal temp candidate. At LD Recruit, we’re specialists in temp recruitment with a difference. We offer a full service, personalised way of getting a temp into your team. We strive to understand your needs, the candidate’s needs, and everyone’s expectations and goals. We’re a true business partner to both sides, enabling us to find the right fit for your team.


Recruit Your Next Temp The Simpler Way

Despite the smaller pool of temp candidates available currently, there is still someone great out there for your needs! And, we’ll be there each step of the way.

LD Recruit functions as an extension of your business. When we help you recruit a temp employee, we’re actually their employer – and you’re their host. So, it’s our job to hold their hand through the process, from application to working – and beyond.

We also conduct all the pre-employment administrative and clearance checks required to certify that they’re ready to join your team before they start on site with you. We’ll even help with their induction. Let us break down what LD Recruit can do for you. 

We can:

●        Check their legal status to work in New Zealand

●        Run Ministry of Justice checks with a five working day turnaround

●        Ensure their health and safety preparedness by showing them a minimum of three health and safety videos, including the all-important workplace bullying and harassment 

●        Conduct a reference check

●        Cross check their identity

●        Check if their qualifications are fit for purpose

●        Ensure appropriate licensing, e.g. check forklift driving ability.

Communication is our top priority, so while we are getting your potential candidate sorted, we are keeping you up to date with what’s happening in the process.

Ticking All The Legal Boxes

Once we’ve run through all the preliminary checks, we’ll provide you with a shortlist of candidates to check out. Once you have approved our temp selection, they’re ready to come on board. Great!

There’s more paperwork to come, but not for you! Before your temp comes on site to join your team, we’ll help them to complete everything they need to do to take up their role, including:

●        Signing their employment contract

●        Running through the employee handbook

●        IRD paperwork and payroll information

●        Uploading to the payroll system all ready for their first week of employment

We take the hassle out of all the compliance for you. By taking on the role of employer, all you need to do is get ready for your temporary team member to start.

But What About COVID-19 Complications?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted business and employment in so many ways. It has been challenging enough for businesses to manage permanent employees during this time. Managing temps while rules and subsidies are ever-changing can be overwhelming.

When you work with LD Recruit to hire a temp for your team, we’ll take care of any COVID-19-related leave applications and subsidies that may arise. We work with you, and them, to ensure the temp’s needs are met in this area.

Imagine: your temp gets a positive COVID-19 test. Oh no!

LD Recruit are advised of the result and we take it from there. We follow up with the temp to check on their health throughout their isolation period, we apply for any applicable government leave support or short-term absence payment and we pay that to the temp.

Everything is taken care of for you.

What Your Company Needs To Do

Your part in the hiring temps process is pretty small. All you need to do is pay for the hours your LD Recruit-hired temp works via a weekly invoice. That’s it!

Allow LD Recruit to take care of the rest.

We pride ourselves on finding top talent when and where you need them most, taking the time and stress out of recruitment for you. Need a temp now? Then, get in touch with us now to experience a much simpler way of doing things!