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The 2023 Recruitment Trends To Be Aware Of

The 2023 Recruitment Trends To Be Aware Of

2023 is here, what will it bring?

In terms of recruitment, there will be some trends to be mindful of.

Now that the borders are open, will there be more international candidates? Will we see more interest in certain roles? How will vacancies be filled?

Only time will tell how this plays out exactly, but there are certain trends we believe will occur.

So, if you are intending to hire staff - either temporary or permanent - this is the info you need to hear. Keep reading to find out about the 2023 recruitment trends.

Similar To 2022

Unfortunately, it looks as though 2023 may be similar to 2022 in terms of candidate availability. 2023 looks to be another year that we will operate in a candidate short market. Loosely, that means there are more jobs available than candidates to fill them.

While it will not be impossible to hire quality candidates, you may not be flush with choices either. To increase your chances of recruiting the right people, you need to position your business as an attractive place to work. Your employer brand will be critical for recruitment success. 

Ensure you are taking steps to be an employer of choice and you will greatly increase your chances of attracting good talent. You can do this in a number of different ways like offering great remuneration packages, creating a positive team culture and having a well-thought-out recruitment and onboarding process. 

Approach Recruitment In The Right Way For Your Business

With an interesting mix of people leaving New Zealand and immigrating workers wanting to relocate here, as an employer, you will need to look at how you can best position your business to fill any vacancies. 

Here are some of the approaches we expect to see in 2023:

Home Growing Staff

In the last couple of years, many businesses have found that the perfect candidate was not always available at the time of recruitment. So, the home grown strategy is being utilised more and more. 

What is it? Well, instead of expecting to hire top level talent right off the bat, the tactic is to hire someone in an entry level role with a progression plan in mind. Training and development are then provided on the job so that the employee can then advance to more senior roles over time.

Internal progression is a big focus in this strategy. Existing employees will have succession plans to enable you to create progression and cover all areas of the business. It allows you to retain the talent you have while bringing in more junior employees that are often easier to recruit. 

With a succession plan already in place, it’s a great way to encourage staff loyalty and position yourself as an employer of choice.

Become Accredited

As we are operating in a candidate short market, we expect that a number of businesses will choose to go through the process of becoming an accredited employer. 

This helps to widen your talent pool by recruiting internationally; especially if you’re finding that local candidates do not possess the skills required for your vacancies. The process of bringing that talent into NZ becomes infinitely easier as an accredited employer.

Being an accredited employer allows you to hire migrants on work visas that are valid for up to 3 years. Going through the process of becoming an accredited employer will give you access to skills that are necessarily available in New Zealand right now. 

Offering Attractive Remuneration

When you have more jobs than available candidates (like we are seeing in 2023), you have to explore ways of attracting the candidates that are available to your business as opposed to your competitors. 

One surefire way to attract people is to offer attractive remuneration. Unfortunately, in the current market, that may see you needing to pay above what we would have considered market wage in previous years.

The good news is that attractive remuneration does not always have to be monetary. You can look for ways to add employee benefits without paying an excessive hourly rate. That can include things like wellbeing programmes, additional leave, flexible working conditions, gym memberships, fuel cards, or any other benefits your employees would value.

Partner With The Right Recruiter

Regardless of which recruitment trends are due to impact your business in 2023, working with a specialised recruiter can help immensely. And because we are likely to see more of the same from 2022, it is vital that your business partners with the right recruiter. This allows you access to their network of candidates and contacts.

Not only will this put you in a great position to fill your vacant roles, but you will be able to do it with talented candidates. A recruiter will also be able to save you time by handling much of the process for you. Here at LD Recruit, we help you with the whole process of advertising, then supply you with a shortlist of suitable candidates, conduct reference checks, psychometric tests, and more.

Whether you are looking for permanent staff or temporary cover, we’ll be able to source the right candidates for the job. Get in touch with our team today.