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How To Hire The Right Temp In A Labour-Short Market

Temporary staff have always been a great solution to fill gaps in your business. But, they have become increasingly hard to source these days. 

Why is that?

Well, one of the main reasons is that our economy has recovered better than expected from the economic contractions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, with a record low unemployment rate of just 3.2%, we’re now looking at an economy with little spare capacity in the workforce. 
This means a shortage of temps, too. 

Many employers are desperate to find and retain staff, but it is proving hard to find people, whether temp or permanent. This sentiment is being felt across the board – both in lower-skilled jobs through to very specialised roles. There is huge opportunity-cost arising from the inability to meet customer demand which ultimately constrains growth in community prosperity.

So, what can you do to help the recruitment process and make sure you get the temp talent you need right now? 

In the current market, the likelihood of being able to find the “perfect” candidate could be a challenge, in any industry. But with the right support, you can. Here’s how to find the right temp in a labour-short market.

How To Hire The Right Temp In A Labour-Short Market

Temp – Or Permanent?
In the current labour market, with a distinct shortage of available candidates, you should really be asking the question of whether you need a permanent employee or a temporary team member.

Temps can be a great option. If you hire wisely and treat temp staff as part of the team, they can help you simplify payroll, cut costs, avoid labour shortages and even boost your recruiting. But in this market, you may need to be flexible on who you hire. 

A temporary staff member could still be a good long term prospect for your organisation. The best temps can become ideal candidates for permanent positions.

Why Temporary Could Be Better
Often, temp staff will bring a specific skill set – whether that’s their technical ability, training or education – which you might be missing right now. If their skills are solid, could there be a permanent place for them? A well-chosen temp could not only pull you through this busy time, but also become pre-screened permanent staff. 

Hiring temporary team members also gives you the opportunity to have a flexible workforce in an unstable and unpredictable market. It is hard to know what labour you might need in 3 months time, so a temporary team member is a great option to service your needs now. 

Then, if the requirement to keep that extra resource remains down the track, it gives you the opportunity to look to someone you have already invested the time into onboarding and integrating into your business. There is the ability to transition them from a temporary hire to a permanent hire.

Are You An Attractive Proposition?
So, now that we know that temporary staff can be really beneficial for your business, you need to ensure that your workplace provides an attractive proposition for temporary and permanent staff alike.

In a labour-short market, businesses need to put their best foot forward to attract top talent. Finding additional budget for a more compelling salary may be the difference between getting the right talent or just available talent. If the hiring budget is tight, you may need to think creatively about how to approach this challenge. 

It isn’t always about remuneration. You may be able to offer great working conditions, flexible hours or some other attractive perk. People are all very different, so understanding the non-remuneration benefits that really attract talent can create a real drawcard for your organisation. 

Checking in with a respected recruitment partner like LD Recruit can put you ahead of the game. By reading all the surveys and data that get released, we can help guide you on what candidates really want. Then, we can help to ensure you are equipped to offer those benefits and also ensure that the process of offering benefits gives your business the desired outcome.

The Right Workplace Culture Is Key
In 2022, workplace culture is more important than ever. Not only does a positive work culture encourage greater team morale and productivity, but it also becomes an attractive incentive for potential candidates.

Consider what your company values are and how you can make these clear to candidates. It’s becoming increasingly important for people to work for an organisation with values that align with their own. They can’t get that vibe if you don’t make your values clear.

Think about how you can build a people-centric brand also. You can do this by offering flexibility (both working hours and location), mental health support, learning and development programmes, progression paths, mentorship, coaching, gym memberships, birthdays off and car parks. By offering these social or wellbeing benefits to employees, you may find you can better retain talent. 

Get The Right Help
In a labour-short market, it is vital that you put your organisation ahead of the pack by partnering with the right recruitment agent. It could mean the difference between finding the right temp or being unable to fill your role. 

It’s important to work with a recruiter who understands your industry, business goals and matches your ethos. With a strong focus on the people element, and how this impacts a business’ bottom line, LD Recruit combines accounting, recruitment and psychology expertise to offer flexible recruitment, selection and testing services to clients. We have a solution that will fit your company’s strategy, time commitment, budget and goals.

At LD Recruit we pride ourselves on finding top talent when and where you need it most, taking the time and stress out of recruitment for you. We strive to understand both our client's and candidate’s needs, expectations and overall goals for the future. Being a true business partner on both sides enables us to find better matches and the right fit.  

You can outsource as little or as much of the recruitment and selection process as you require. We are here to connect your piece of the puzzle. So, if you have a position to fill, get in touch with us today for advice on hiring the right temp (or permanent team member) in this tight, labour-short market.