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Why Showing Up Matters

Job interviews. They’re not merely checkpoints on your career journey; they're opportunities to set the course for lasting success.

Right now, the job market is booming, and for some this can feel like there are countless opportunities. For lots of people in New Zealand right now it’s a great time to work with a recruiter to find that dream job you've been waiting for. Good recruiters are often the connection you need to a great employer. They should take the time to get to know you and ensure the job opportunity fits what you’re looking for.


However, one thing is clear: scheduled job interviews are the gateway to your future career. They're your chance to shine, and showing up when you're supposed to is a must!  We all know that first impressions count. Arriving on time isn't just about you—it's about respecting the time and effort the recruiter has put into setting up the interview. It's a way of showing that you value their interest in you, that you are reliable, someone that can be depended upon. If your situation has changed, your recruiter will value a phone call to let them know. It also demonstrates you are someone that is good to work with now and in the future.


Building a Positive Reputation

Interviews are more than just questions and answers. They're a chance for you to make a real connection with your recruiter and through them, your future employer. Being there, on time, prepared, and engaged helps you stand out and be memorable. By showing up for interviews as scheduled, you're building a reputation as someone who's dependable and trustworthy. You are giving a level of comfort that when you are working in your new position these traits will be part of your everyday life.

A respectful candidate thinks ahead. They know that even if the job market changes, their good name will be their best asset. Don’t underestimate the power of showing up or communicating if you have had a change in circumstances. 

Help Us to Help You

Lastly by attending your scheduled job interview, you allow us to provide you with the best assistance possible, increasing your chances of making your career aspirations a reality. Your commitment to the interview process allows us to work together to secure that dream job. We can’t get to know you and how we can help if we don’t meet you!

At LD Recruit connection is everything. We look forward to getting to know all the people we help into a new role, be it now or in the future down the track.