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Why It Is Important To Have A Robust Recruitment Process

recruitment process

A robust recruitment process is crucial for any business. 

Not only will it help you find the right candidates, but it reflects the professionalism of your organisation and can help you save time and money.

And what business doesn’t like the sound of that?!

So, how do you ensure your recruitment process is robust?

Well, your recruitment process should be in-depth enough to help you find and attract great candidates, but it must also be streamlined and efficient. Some processes can be too arduous and have the opposite effect.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so vital to get the recruitment process right from beginning to end.

Why It Is Important To Have A Robust Recruitment Process

Attract Quality Candidates
If your recruitment process lacks clarity and structure, it’s going to be more challenging to find and attract the kind of top talent you’re after. The right candidate isn’t just someone with the relevant qualifications and experience. They must also be a great fit for your culture.

To achieve that culture fit, you must be strategic with your recruitment process – from the position description and attraction campaigns right through to onboarding. 

It’s vital to make a positive first impression on candidates, particularly if talent is thin on the ground and the job market is highly competitive. If parts of your recruitment strategy are inconsistent, lengthy, or unpleasant for candidates, they may form a negative impression of your employer brand and look for a position elsewhere. 

Save Time And Money
Recruiting can be expensive and time-consuming, so it’s not something any business wants to undertake more than necessary. 

If you get recruitment wrong, the cost is more than simply money. It is also a cost of time, the risk of a negative impact on your staff, as well as potentially damaging impact on your customers.

Basically, it is something you want to avoid!

However, when you get it right, you’re more likely to attract and select new employees who are a great fit. That means great things for your business. Higher productivity, faster onboarding, and an uplift in your team morale. Often, members of your team will be carrying the excess workload while the recruitment is taking place. When the right person is found, they can pass that workload on and create harmony in the team again.

A streamlined recruitment process means that you don’t waste time on the process with people who aren’t the right fit for your business. Having a clear understanding of what you want upfront and a clear attraction strategy will weed out the wrong fits faster. 

Improve Retention
When your new hire is an excellent fit for your company culture, you’re less likely to experience high employee turnover. Not only is frequent recruitment more expensive, but it’s also disruptive – to your team and to the overall business.

Fulfilled employees are loyal employees. A robust recruitment process helps ensure your chosen candidate will thrive in their new role.

Boost Productivity
Hiring the wrong person can be a significant drain on productivity. If they don’t have the right experience or skills for the job, they’re likely to be unengaged and unmotivated. Not only will their performance be sub-par, but they can also drag the rest of the team down and create conflict and stress.

Conversely, the right candidate is more likely to succeed in their job, increasing productivity and becoming a valuable member of the team. When you streamline your recruitment process, you have a much better chance of selecting that ideal candidate.

Minimise Legal Risks
Employers must be wary of discrimination during the hiring process. If your recruitment strategy is inconsistent and unprofessional, you could be at risk of legal action by candidates who felt they were not treated fairly.

Following transparent, consistent procedures for every new hire helps reduce the risk of potential biases – unconscious or conscious – slipping into your recruitment process. 

How Do You Ensure Your Process Is Robust?
A well-thought-out, clearly-structured recruitment process is essential to build your employer brand and set your organisation up for success. However, not every business has the resources to develop and utilise recruitment in-house.

If you’d like to level up your hiring strategy, we can help you with as little or as much of the recruitment and selection process as you require. 

This helps you to ensure your recruitment approach is always consistent and professional. By utilising a recruitment specialist, you ensure that you are ticking all the legal and industry standards. 
An outsider perspective can really add value. A recruitment specialist can help you source the right fit for your team objectively. 

So, if you would like to ensure you have a robust recruitment process for your next hire, get in touch with me today.

recruitment process