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10 Ways To Show You Value Your Staff

Did you know that some people in New Zealand are happy not to have to work right now? 

With “the great resignation” sweeping the globe, work ethics are changing. People are less willing to remain in a job where they don’t feel appreciated, with many preferring to go it alone – or remain unemployed - than stay in an unfulfilling role.

If you have an excellent team, it’s vital to value your staff and make them feel loved. Loyal, hard-working employees are your greatest asset, so make it a priority to show you how much you value them and their work.

Remember, appreciation isn’t just about remuneration. There are many other ways to boost your staff and demonstrate gratitude for everything they do.

Read on to find out the benefits of valuing your staff and discover ten ways to show your gratitude. 

Why It’s Important To Value Your Staff
Nobody likes to be taken for granted, and everybody loves to be appreciated and valued. Your employees are no different. Showing your staff just how much you value their presence and work can have an enormous impact – not just on them but on your organisation as a whole.

When employees feel valued, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work and far less likely to leave your organisation.

Research shows that people who experience gratitude from their manager are more productive and that teams perform their tasks better when team members believe that they are respected and appreciated. 

When you purposefully value your staff and demonstrate that appreciation, you’ll see increased productivity, reduced staff turnover, improved morale, and a boosted brand reputation.

How To Make Your Employees Feel Valued
There are some great ways to ensure that your team feel valued and appreciated. They are:

1. Fair compensation and attractive benefits
While there’s far more to employee retention than decent wages, this is a vital part of the package. If your staff aren’t paid fairly for what they do, it will take more than some recognition initiatives to make them feel valued. Start by offering competitive compensation packages complete with the benefits that your ideal candidates find desirable. 

2. Support work-life balance
Employees with a better work-life balance are more productive, efficient, and satisfied. We’re all burnt out after the last couple of years. Acknowledging that and providing ways to support health and wellness in your team shows your employees that you care about their wellbeing and understand what they need.

This could look like flexible working hours, extra days off, setting clear boundaries between work and home, and integrating health and wellness initiatives into your organisation.

3. Celebrate achievements
Survived a crazy busy day at work or received a great review from a customer? Celebrate achievements – both big and small – with your team. Smaller milestones might just need an appreciation email or a round of high fives. Larger achievements might deserve a team dinner or perk.

4. Recognise personal milestones
Regardless of the size of your organisation, nobody wants to feel like just a number. Make sure you note down things like employee birthdays, work anniversaries, or relevant holidays (like Employee Appreciation Day) and acknowledge these dates. Buy a cake or a meal, gift a gift card or bonus, decorate their desk, or provide an extra day off. 

5. Offer development and learning opportunities
Your employees care about their future, and most are interested in developing and evolving throughout their careers. Providing them with opportunities to stretch and upskill shows them you value their aspirations and support their development. 

6. Host team events
Want to value your staff all at once? Host a team event to say thank you. This could be a team lunch or dinner or even a group activity or annual retreat. As well as showing you value your staff, you’ll be investing in team bonding and a positive company culture.

7. Ask for feedback and input
Your employees are not just worker bees: they have ideas and perspectives that can help grow your business. Make sure you regularly ask for feedback from your team – whether it’s about working conditions, your performance, or even your rewards and recognition system. You’ll gain important insights to improve things, and your employees will feel heard and appreciated.

8. Give bonuses
A thank you email or high five can cut it sometimes, but there is a time and place for perks and bonuses! Gift cards are always appreciated, and bonuses are a fantastic way to acknowledge the value an employee has provided to the business. 
Make sure you match the reward with the result: someone who created a massive win for the organisation is likely to feel underappreciated if the reward is small.

9. Make it personal and authentic
If you value your staff, why not just tell them! Recognition doesn’t have to be about grand gestures. Sometimes, a simple and heartfelt thank you is all it takes to communicate appreciation. 
It’s all about knowing your employees and understanding what they need. Some people might love public recognition, while others would prefer a handwritten card or an email. 

10. Get creative 
There are endless ways to show you value your staff, but the most important thing is to choose something that suits your unique team. Take time to get to know your employees and what they value, then come up with creative, tailored ways to thank them for being awesome. 

Would your team appreciate weekly massages, or are they more interested in free gym memberships? Would they appreciate a pool table in the break room or a free bike for the commute?

Taking The Time To Know Them
The better you understand your employees, the easier it will be to know what they need and want. Take time to value your people regularly and genuinely, and you’ll reap the benefits of loyal, happy, and productive staff.

And, if you need help bringing on some amazing staff to join your team, then reach out to us at LD Recruit today.