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Are you ignoring this recruitment RED FLAG?

You have finally finished going through the big stack of CVs on your desk.

You breathe a sigh of relief as you look at the short list in your hand.

You start the process of booking the prospective candidates for interview times.

The first one on your list says that they can come in tomorrow.

Great! It will be fantastic to see them immediately and start the process of making a decision.

Actually, it’s not so great!

It’s really a giant red flag that you should take notice of.

If that person is currently working for another employer and they drop everything to come in for an interview at your workplace, what are their loyalty levels really like?

Would they do the same thing to you in the future?

Are they really going to be the committed team member you need them to be?

It is important to assess all the actions of your candidates to understand whether or not they are going to be a flight risk!

While this small thing might not have felt like a red flag to you, a recruitment specialist would have heard alarm bells ringing right away and explored this by prompting to find out more.

If you want to ensure you pick up all the vital cues from your prospective candidates then it is best to use the expertise of a recruitment firm like LD Recruit.

We can help you avoid costly mistakes! So, drop us a line today.