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Why Use an Agency Recruiter?

A recruitment professional is someone that takes time to understand your business, your strategies and overall vision; then works with you to see where you need support in having the right talent where and when you need it most. 

Understanding your business brand and working as an extension of your business.  A good recruitment professional will create a synergy for the candidate experience with all stages of the process.  Connecting your piece of the puzzle

Brand and value proposition are critical to positioning a vacancy in the right way and creating a recruitment and selection strategy that will yield the results.  Gone are the days that a hiring manager just places an advert up on the job board and the perfect person lands in your lap a couple of days later. 

New Zealand is in the top 10 countries across the world that is experiencing a talent shortage.  Even with unemployment rates slightly rising we are still hard pressed to find the right staff.  Often the ideal person you seek is already in work and it is the recruiters job to know who are the right people to position your value proposition to and create that incentive for them to learn more about it. 

We all know word of mouth is such a powerful tool in business.  We wouldn’t be here networking if we didn’t place importance in it.  However the candidate recruitment experience with your company is just as important.  For someone who has had a poor experience, not heard back, feel wrongly treated, your business could end up on social media or having a direct impact on sales with negativity being spread via word of mouth. 

A specialist recruiter will be able to give you the following:
  1. Understand your business, what you do, where you are heading and your overall drivers
  2. Understand your people, your culture,
  3. Create a personalised recruitment strategy
  4. Have an active network relevant to your business
  5. Be personable and relatable, do they look and feel like an extension of your business?

Does your recruiter truly understand and are they open to feedback to adjust the strategy along the process?  Results are what we are after and making it a pleasurable experience along the way is essential.

At LD Recruit we take the time to understand, listen and add value along the recruitment process to ensure you gain the results you are looking for.